Crack Cocaine Relapse

When the addict initially tries to quit, cells in the brain that have become used to large amounts of these metabolites are now forced to deal with much decreased amounts. Even as the withdrawal symptoms subside, the brain demands that the addict give it more of the drug. This is called drug craving. Craving is an extremely powerful urge and can cause a person to create all kinds of “reasons” why they should begin using drugs again. They are now trapped in an endless cycle of trying to quit, craving, withdrawal and fear of relapse.

Long term effects that can cause Relapse

Eventually, the brain cells will again become used to having lowered drug metabolites. But, because deposits of drug metabolites have been stored in the fatty tissue of the body it can release back into the bloodstream at any time for years to come. Cravings and relapse will remain a cause for concern. Left un-handled, the presence of metabolites even in microscopic amounts cause the brain to react as if the addict had again actually taken the drug and can set up craving and relapse even after years of sobriety.

Detoxing the body.

Exercise that produces circulation of blood deep into the body followed by long periods of time spent in a dry sauna at low heat, has produced amazing detox results. Even cocaine users who had not used for many months have experienced beneficial detox from cocaine while in the sauna. Sauna detox has become the most successful form of detox when supervised by a trained specialist. A trained detox specialist can prevent overheating, cocaine relapse and withdrawal effects while taking a person through a cocaine detox. Cocaine abuse can end with the use of effective drug-free cocaine detox treatment.

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