Crack Cocaine Detox

Crack Cocaine addiction requires crack cocaine detox and rehab to fully overcome the adverse mental and physical effects of the drug. Once a person becomes used to having crack in their body and brain, physical and mental addiction begins to take hold of the person. Crack sometimes makes the user feel superior, in control, psychic, even god like. These delusions are intense while using crack and lessen when not using. Because crack can make the person feel high artificially without the usual demands reality requires: like success, doing good, being acknowledged, etc, crack seems like a short cut to pleasure. The idea that crack cocaine improves life is the major LIE that crack users secretly hang onto. Users sometimes deny crack use and dependence and lie very convincingly to friends and family: as long as they can get more crack. Detox from crack cocaine requires a controlled environment away from the enticement of the drug.

Longer Detox

Crack detox can take considerably longer because the addict can apparently go without using for weeks and months at a time. Crack is usually a binging drug. Binging means the crack user usually smokes a lot of the drug over a short period of time, then doesn’t use. Some crack addicts will use $1,000s of crack in one binge if the money and the drugs are available. When the crack addict stops using crack, they often substitute other drugs for crack. Also, watch your sugar supply go down when a crack addict is around.

Dry-out versus Detox

Crack detox is much more than simply drying out or ceasing to use crack for awhile. Drying out allows the liver and kidneys enough time to remove the drug toxins from the blood system. Crack use leaves drug residues in the body; including the brain, liver and other tissues. After drying out from crack use, the person is now ready to detox from crack. Under carefully monitored detox programs of exercise, sauna sweat out, specific increasing amounts of effective nutrients, oils and vitamins, a person can fully detoxify from crack cocaine addiction. The process requires medical supervision, specialists and an exact procedure, but 1,000’s of people successfully detox from crack every year. Full and complete detox ends physical cravings for crack, for good.

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